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Networking Essentials

20:00 H

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Pedido de Informações

This Networking Essentials course provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level information and communication technology.

Público Alvo

This course is meant for those looking to get started with complexities of Networking.
This course may not be for those who are already Networking Professionals.

Quando Completar o curso

This course you, along with the instructor, will take a look at the following in depth:
• Protocols and the magic of protocols, in particular, TCP/IP.
• Working with name-resolution.
• IP address allocation.
• Troubleshooting.


Basic Skills of computer and Operating Systems

Exames para Certificações

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Conteúdos em detalhe

An introduction to networking, and discusses the different network topologies.
Ethernet wiring standards and physical layer classifications.
OSI Model
OSI model, and the associate layer-1 through layer-3
MAC Addresses
What is a MAC address is and how it is derived.
Function of Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)
What is TCP/IP how it works
TCP/IP Architecture
Description of IPv4 Address Structure
IPv4 Address Classes
IPv4 Reserved Addresses
Setting a Static IP Address
IPv4 Address Decimal Binary Notation
DNS, hosts files
IPv4 Addresses
Basic elements of an IPv4 address.
Subnet Mask
Concepts of subnetting and standard class addressing.
Overview of CIDR
Gateway Addresses
The role that the default gateway plays in a network.
The Concept of Subnetworks
The dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP) including a use case for dynamic reservation tables.
Ping Utility (pouco relevante, já usam)
The ping utility accessed through the Windows Command Prompt application.
IPConfig Utility (pouco relevante, já usam)
Ipconfig utility through the Windows Command Prompt application. Review ipconfig show all and other options.
Switches vs Routers
Network switch and router hardware equipment.
IP Scanner Utility
Different hardware and software techniques for finding IP devices on a network.
Introduction to Transport Protocols
Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
User Datagram Protocol (UDP)
Port Numbers
The role of the port number in association with the IP address of a network destination.
Different network communication technologies with a focus on Unicast communications.
The benefits of Multicast communications, especially in consideration of network media streaming.
Introduction to IPv6
IPv4 vs IPv6 Address Space
Types of IPv6 Address
802.1x Security